Christie 7s Division II quarters and outcomes

Christie 7s Division II quarterfinal pairings promise thrilling matchups that can decide who advances additional of their respective paths at Impala Membership.

Within the Cup Quarterfinals, the joy will probably be palpable as Zetech Oaks face off towards Nanyuki Jackals. One other intriguing match will see final weekend’s finalists Makueni tackle Moi College.

The Stallions will take a look at their mettle towards the AP Warriors, whereas the UOE Trojans lock horns with MKU Nairobi in a showdown that guarantees intense motion.

In the meantime, the Problem Trophy Quarterfinals will see NYS Spades squaring off towards the Dagoretti Bulldogs.

Molo RFC will vie for a spot within the subsequent spherical as they face Northern Suburbs. TUM Marines and Meru RFC will face off whereas Embu RFC will conflict with Kenya Prisons in a bid to safe their development.

The Spear Trophy Semifinals will function PUEA towards Masaku, whereas the Ngong Warriors will lock horns with Comras, including additional intrigue to the match.

Among the many standout performers, UoE Trojans and Zetech Oaks displayed their mettle, advancing to the quarterfinals with no single pool recreation loss. Zetech Oaks has emerged as a powerful favourite after a commanding efficiency in Pool A.

They secured a convincing 28-00 victory towards Masaku, adopted by a dominant 26-00 win over Nanyuki Jackals, and concluded the pool stage with a convincing 41-00 triumph towards Meru RFC.

In the meantime, UOETrojans have demonstrated their prowess in Pool C, showcasing competitiveness in each encounter.

Their journey to the quarterfinals included a 21-7 victory towards PUEA, a 31-00 win towards Kenya Prisons, and a ultimate pool stage triumph with a 17-00 consequence towards Molo RFC.

Christie 7s Division II quarters and outcomes

Cup Quarterfinals:

  1. Zetech Oaks vs Nanyuki Jackals
  2. Makueni vs Moi College
  3. Stallions vs AP Warriors
  4. UOE Trojans vs MKU Nairobi

Problem Trophy Quarterfinals:

  1. NYS Spades vs Dagoretti Bulldogs
  2. Molo RFC vs Northern Suburbs
  3. TUM Marines vs Meru RFC
  4. Embu RFC vs Kenya Prisons

Spear Trophy Semifinals:

  1. PUEA vs Masaku
  2. Ngong Warriors vs Comras

Day 1 Fixture Outcomes:

Meru 14 – 15 Nanyuki Jackals

Zetech Oaks 28 – 00 Masaku

Moi College 7 – 19 MKU Nairobi

TUM Marines 12 – 7 Dagoretti Bulldogs

Stallions 14 – 5 Northern Suburbs

Makueni 45 – 0 Comras

Molo 28 – 0 Kenya Prisons

UoE Trojans 21 – 7 PUEA

Embu 19 – NYS Spades

Administration Police 24 – 12 Ngong Warriors

Meru 14 – 15 Nanyuki Jackals

Zetech Oaks 28 – 00 Masaku

Stallions 14 – 5 Northern Suburbs

Meru 42 – 0 Masaku

Zetech Oaks 26 – 0 Nanyuki Jackals

Stallions 31 – 0 Comras

Makueni 12 – 5 Northern Suburbs

Molo 5 – 5 PUEA

UoE Trojans 31 – 00 Kenya Prisons

Embu 19 – 12 Ngong Warriors

Administration Police 10 – 14 NYS Spades

Moi Uni 28 – 7 Dagoretti Bulldogs

TUM Marines 12 – 12 MKU Nairobi

Nanyuki Jackals 33 – 00 Masaku

Zetech Oaks 41 – 0 Meru

Northern Suburbs 17 – 12 Comras

Makueni 19 – 12 Stallions

Kenya Prisons 24 – 0 PUEA

UoE Trojans 17 – 0 Molo

NYS Spades 14 – 5 Ngong Warriors

Administration Police 20 – 7 Embu

MKU Nairobi 12 – 12 Dagoretti Bulldogs

TUM Marines 12 – 19 Moi Uni

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