Swann & Callihan vs. ABC, Bailey vs. Kushida

Full results and analysis of this week's Impact Wrestling


AUGUST 10, 2023

-Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Matthew Rehwoldt

-Recap video of final week’s occasions.

(1) ABC (Chris Bey & Ace Austin) vs. RICH SWANN & SAMI CALLIHAN

This match continued the tag group event to find out a primary contender for the tag group titles. Bey and Swann began the match. Bey took Swann to the mat and dropkicked him. ABC double teamed Swann. Ace took Swann to the mat. Swann and Sami double teamed Ace. Sami gave Ace a working knee. Ace fought off a double group and dropkicked Swann. Sami and Ace fought on the apron. Sami gave Ace a piledriver on the apron. Bey did a moonsault from the center rope to the ground on Swann and Sami. [c]

ABC continued to have the higher hand. Sami lastly received the new tag and ran wild. Sami gave Bey a Loss of life Valley Driver for a two depend. Swann and Sami double teamed Bey and Swann received one other two depend. Swann missed a 450 splash. ABC double teamed Swann and Ace received a two depend out of it. Ace unintentionally kicked Bey. Sami and Swann double teamed Ace. Sami put Bey in a sleeper on the mat. Bey recovered and kicked Sami within the head. ABC double kicked Sami. Bey gave Sami the cutter and Ace adopted with the Fold, however Swann broke up the pin try. Swann did a flip on Bey on the ground. Ace stomped Sami. The Good Fingers pulled the referee out of the ring to interrupt the pin try. John Skyler attacked Ace from behind as Jason Hotch and Swann fought up the ramp. Sami pinned Ace.

WINNERS: Wealthy Swann & Sami Callihan in 15:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Good motion to open the present. Seems to be just like the Good Fingers can be concerned in one thing extra substantial by having a feud with ABC.)

-The Coven confronted Santino Marella backstage. KiLynn King talked concerning the unhealthy choices being made just lately and complained about not getting a rematch for the tag group titles. The Loss of life Dollz approached. They stated they wished to be a part of the tag group title match at Emergence, as a result of they’re superior. Santino requested for an extra motive. The Dollz huddled and Santino joined them to provide you with a motive to present them a title shot. Santino advised as a result of they have been former tag group champions and since that they had already crushed Gisele Shaw and Savannah Evans. MK Extremely approached and stated they’d tackle all of them. [c]


Dango took the mic earlier than the match and acknowledged that he hates professional wrestling. Gujjar armdragged and dropkicked Dango and received a two depend. Dango raked Gujjar’s eyes. Dango gave Gujjar a sequence of knees and a forearm. Dango put Gujjar in a chinlock. Gujjar made a comeback. Gujjar gave Dango a working knee and a spinebuster for a two depend. Bravo received on the apron and flashed a lightweight in Gujjar’s eyes, resulting in Dango getting the pin.

WINNER: Soiled Dango in 4:00.

Dango took the mic after the match however was interrupted by Jake One thing. Jake received within the ring and Dango stated “How’s it going, large man?” Jake talked about how onerous he needed to work to get again to Impression Wrestling. He stated if Dango hates wrestling a lot, then get the hell out. He stated he might make Dango depart. Followers chanted “Make him.” Dango left. Jake turned to Bravo and Dango sneaked up from behind. Jake rotated in time and decked Dango.

(D.L.’s Take: Fundamental match, which was there to ascertain Dango and Bravo as a group. A Jake/Dango feud might be enjoyable.)

-Deaner and Kon promo. Deaner talked about Eric Younger. Deaner referred to as Eric a sheep who left for greener pastures however left like a scared lamb. Deaner stated he was not a failure. He stated that Alan Angels walked away from his biggest alternative, nevertheless it was his personal failure. He stated that Kon would by no means betray him. He stated it will be becoming if Kon destroyed Eric. Kon spoke and in addition referred to as Eric a sheep. He stated the one factor Eric would see is the large unhealthy wolf and we all know how that story ends. He stated Eric’s ass is his. Nice manufacturing. [c]

-Gia Miller interviewed Johnny Swinger. He stated “Who?” when she introduced up Zicky Cube. He stated he’s been coaching for his title shot. Kenny King and Sheldon Jean interrupted and took over. He talked about Alex Shelley being champion of the world, however he was the champion of the web. King and Jean left. Swinger contemplated what he stated and requested Gia “What’s the web?”

(3) JODY THREAT vs. ALISHA EDWARDS (w/Eddie Edwards)

The announcers talked about Alisha claiming to have run off Traci Brooks. Hannifan doubted it. Alisha tried to punch Jody, however Jody caught her arm and clotheslined her. Jody pulled Alisha to the middle of the ring and continued on offense. Jody suplexed Alisha. Alisha made a comeback and knocked Jody off the ropes. Alisha chopped Jody and stomped her within the nook. Alisha raked Jody’s again and gave her a backbreaker for a two depend. Alisha choked Jody over the ropes. Jody lastly made a comeback. Jody related with a sequence of clotheslines within the nook and hit her with the double knees and a German suplex. Alisha raked Jody’s eyes. Eddie used the kendo stick with journey Jody. Frankie Kazarian ran to ringside and attacked Eddie. Jody gave Alisha the F-5 and received the pin.

WINNER: Jody Risk in 4:00.

After the match, Frankie went to hit Eddie with the kendo stick however unintentionally hit Alisha as an alternative. Frankie tried to return and assist her, however safety stopped him. Followers chanted “You deserve it.” [c]

(D.L.’s Take: They packed lots into 4 minutes. It’s good to see Jody concerned in storylines. The Kazarian/Eddie feud continues.)

-They replayed the earlier angle and confirmed Eddie carrying Alisha to the again.

-Deonna Purrazzo promo. She congratulated KiLynn King on pinning her final week and famous that few individuals had performed it. She challenged King to a match subsequent week. She instructed Trinity to observe and see what her future could be.


Fan assist was break up. They exchanged kicks. Followers chanted “Each these guys” as that they had a staredown. Bailey gave Kushida a sequence of kicks. Kushida despatched Bailey to the surface and adopted with a flip excessive rope. Kushida put Bailey in a rowboat submission on the mat. Bailey reached the ropes to interrupt it. Kushida gave Bailey a cartwheel dropkick. Kushida gave Bailey a palm strike. Bailey caught Kushida with a single-leg dropkick. Bailey adopted with extra kicks and a working taking pictures star press for a two depend. They exchanged strikes. Kushida kicked Bailey off the apron. They fought on the ground and Kushida despatched Bailey into the publish. [c]

Kushida labored on Bailey’s arm. Kushida ran Bailey’s knee into the mat. Kushida tackled Bailey out of the ring. Kushida slid to the surface, however Bailey prevented it and jumped to the center rope for a moonsault. Again within the ring, Bailey kicked Kushida’s arm. They exchanged kicks. Kushida went for a hoverboard lock. Bailey received to his toes and received out of the maintain. Bailey went for an armbar. Bailey gave Kushida the double knees to the chest and kicked him within the chest for a two depend. Bailey went for the armbar once more. Kushida reached the ropes. Bailey kicked Kushida. Kushida went for a suplex, however Bailey turned it right into a rollup for a two depend. Kushida kicked Bailey. Followers chanted “That is superior.” Bailey received a nearfall. Bailey landed the twister kick. Kushida placed on the hoverboard lock on the highest rope and suplexed Bailey. Kushida gave Bailey a small package deal driver and received the pin.

WINNER: Kushida in 18:00.

(D.L.’s Take: This constructed to the wonderful match we thought it will be. It received loads of time and so they delivered. Nice mixture of mat wrestling and excessive flying.)

-Tom Hannifan had a sitdown interview with Crazzy Steve. He stated this could play out over the following few weeks. Steve had requested the interview. He stated that Hannifan is the most effective at what he does and is the voice of Impression Wrestling. Steve stated he wanted Hannifan’s assist. He stated the Loss of life Dollz are off doing their very own factor and Black Taurus has a match with out him tonight. He stated he was deserted and his mates have gotten strangers. He stated that was routine in his life, from the Menagerie to Abyss. He talked about being legally blind his complete life, which comes with its set of challenges. He stated that journey isn’t straightforward. He talked about struggles socially and in schooling. Hannifan agreed that he had loads of obstacles. He requested who has supported Steven Scott. He stated that household is a really attention-grabbing story. The display flashed “To be continued.” [c]

-Footage from Assault! Professional Wrestling of Subculture selecting up a win after a title protection. Hannifan referred to as it the “Summer time of Subculture”. This was adopted by a Subculture promo in black and white. They stated they have been keeping track of who could be the primary contender and they might stroll out of Emergence nonetheless the tag group champions.

-A person and girl have been speaking in a hallway. The person stated he knew the girl was speaking to somebody and requested who it was. When the person stated “Say his title”, Joe Hendry appeared. When Hendry talked to the couple and stated “Say his title”, Yuya Uemura appeared. The coupled walked off. Hendry and Yuya argued concerning the match from final week. Hendry stated they’d go their separate methods. Yuya stated they might be tag group champions. Hendry was in opposition to the thought at first however talked himself into it.

-Hannifan and Rehwoldt appeared on digicam to go over the matches for Multiverse United 2. Hannifan stated that Workforce 3D would seem collectively for the primary time in seven years at Impression 1000. Matches for subsequent week embody:

*Eric Younger vs. Kon

*Wealthy Swann & Sami Callihan vs. The Rascalz

*Deonna Purrazzo vs. KiLynn King

-They pitched to a video package deal of Sanada.

-Moose, Brian Myers, and Bully Ray got here to the ring for the primary occasion. They have been adopted by their opponents Black Taurus and Laredo Child. The digicam reduce backstage to indicate that Lio Rush had attacked their accomplice Samuray Del Sol. [c]


The match was 3-on-2. Taurus and Myers began the match. Taurus powerslammed Myers. Taurus gave Myers a backstabber and Child adopted with a dropkick. Moose and Child squared off, with Child taking down Moose. Moose regrouped on the ramp. Child and Bully confronted off. Bully pushed Child down. Taurus tagged in and confronted Bully. They exchanged strikes. Taurus knocked Bully off his toes. Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Josh Alexander, and Kushida have been proven watching within the again. Myers pulled the rope right down to ship Taurus crusing excessive rope. [c]

Moose’s group stored Taurus within the nook and held the benefit. Taurus and Moose clotheslined one another. Child received the tag and ran wild on Myers. Child gave Moose a DDT and gave Bully a rana. Bully threw Child into the referee. Moose tried to take off Child’s masks. The lights went off. Lightning confirmed on the display. PCO was within the ring squaring off with Bully when the lights got here again on. PCO threw Moose excessive rope, adopted by Myers. Bully escaped, however PCO did a dive on Moose and Myers. Child threw Myers again within the ring. Taurus gave Myers a headbutt and dove on Moose on the surface. Child splashed Myers. The referee recovered and counted to 2. Moose interfered, resulting in Myers giving Child the Roster Lower and received the pin.

WINNERS: Moose & Brian Myers & Bully Ray in 16:00.

Bully Ray was proven working down the steps and out of the constructing. He pulled somebody out of a automotive and received in. PCO chased after him because the automotive drove away. Thunder was heard within the background.

(D.L.’s Take: I assumed there could be a types conflict, however they ended up working effectively collectively and had a enjoyable match. I preferred seeing Taurus and Laredo Child in the primary occasion and hope this will get some follow-up.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: A well-rounded and enjoyable present. Nice in-ring motion, together with the tag group match, Bailey vs. Kushida, and the primary occasion. The Design promo was very well-produced. I’m intrigued on the path of the Crazzy Steve interview. PCO’s return made the present newsworthy as effectively. Impression has momentum with some large exhibits arising.

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